'The Good Liar' Trailer: Ian McKellen Scams Helen Mirren as a Con Artist

When one's a wealthy widow and the other's a conniving con artist, things get complicated, as seen in the trailer for Bill Condon's next film.

Bill Condon takes catfishing to a new level in his latest film, The Good Liar.

The preview for Condon's movie, based on Nicholas Searle's novel of the same name, shows the tension and drama that arise when a recently widowed woman crosses paths with a covert con artist who just identified his latest target. 

In the trailer, Helen Mirren's Betty McLeish and Ian McKellen's Roy Courtnay meet on a dating website, but only Betty seeks romantic companionship.

"Have you done this a lot?" Betty asks Roy, oblivious to his intentions. "Met people on the computer service?"

Looking at a target worth 3 million British pounds, Roy finds himself at a crossroads when he and Betty begin growing fond of each other. He must choose between pulling off a sizable swindle or deceiving the one person who seems to trust him.

"You're the only person on this planet who makes me feel that I'm not alone," Betty confesses to Roy. 

Matters become even more complicated when Betty's grandson, played by Years and Years' Russell Tovey, shows overt skepticism toward his grandmother's latest companion, screaming that she knows little to nothing about him. 

The trailer shows Roy collecting expensive paintings, running down the streets of London and pushing a man onto the tracks of the city's Tube.  

"In just a blink, your life's changed forever," he says. 

The Good Liar will hit theaters Nov. 15 and also features the talent of Jim Carter, Mark Lewis Jones, Celine Buckens and more.