IATSE, Canadian Unions Bedfellows in TV Campaign

The U.S.-based technicians union has given its Canadian colleagues a makeover with "Together, Fairness Works" commercials getting wide media play here.

TORONTO – When Canadian unions looked for a TV makeover via a feel-good TV ad campaign to bolster their image, they turned to IATSE.

The Canadian Labor Congress tapped IATSE Local 891 and Local 669 crews in Vancouver to shoot a round of ads for its Together, Fairness Works campaign.

The TV commercials, which use the iconic song Lean on Me, are now getting wide play on Canadian broadcast networks.

The media offensive comes as the ruling Conservatives in Ottawa, and a host of provincial governments, mount anti-union initiatives.

IATSE and the rival NABET union also retain a strong presence in the Canadian film and TV production sectors.