IATSE Ratifies Non-LA/NY Deal

The three year renewal of the Area Standards Agreement includes 2 percent annual wage increases and $5/day bumps in health plan contributions.

IATSE, the union representing crew members, has ratified a three-year extension to one of its agreements with the studios. The move – by the IATSE general executive board – was announced Wednesday in a joint statement by IATSE and the Alliance of Motion Picture and television Producers, the AMPTP.

The new extension of the Area Standards Agreement, which runs through July 31, 2015, includes 2 percent annual wage increases and an increase in health plan contributions of $5 per day in each year of the three-year agreement (i.e., $5/day the first year, $10/day the second, and $15/day the third).

“The new contract provides stability for the next three years and we are pleased to achieve increases that will protect our members,” said IATSE president Matt Loeb.

The AMPTP said, “Feature film and television production has grown throughout the United States in the past several years, emphasizing the importance of the Area Standards Agreement for both IATSE members and the studios.  Ratification of this new agreement will enable production to continue while raising wages and improving access to health benefits for crew members and their families.”

The agreement covers 8,000 IATSE members working in feature film and television production in most areas of the United States outside of the Los Angeles, western states and New York regions. 

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