IATSE Ends Strike Against Pac-12 Network

UPDATED: The network agrees to negotiate with the union sometime in the new year.

IATSE has ended its strike against the Pac-12 Network, the union announced today in an e-mail to members. The move comes 10 days after the strike started and is in response to an agreement by the network to negotiate with the union.

In the e-mail, the union said, “While these discussions are taking place, we have agreed to stop all picketing, have our folks return to work and encourage anyone who has posted pictures of people whom have crossed picket lines from all public places including Facebook and the Internet.” (The incomplete clause presumably is a request that people take down pictures from the Internet.)

The e-mail included the text of a message from the network’s executive vp and GM, Lydia Murphy-Stephans, to Sandra England, director of the IATSE broadcast department: “I am happy we connected today and were able to agree on how to move forward. I will share with my executive team your commitment to a full and immediate cessation of all IATSE picketing or striking activity against Pac-12.”

The letter added, “Likewise, I commit to calling you Jan. 8 to set a date for a future meeting to discuss all issues.”

A Pac-12 spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter: "Earlier today, we had a cordial conversation with IATSE. As a showing of good faith, we have agreed to continue that conversation after the holidays, and IATSE has agreed to cease its strike, picketing and related activities. We will now focus on televising the games and events we deliver to our fans without interruption or interference.”

The strike began 10 days ago and affected about a dozen games. An IATSE spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

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