IATSE reaches basic agreement with producers

Sixth major union deal leaves SAG as lone holdout

The Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers has inked its sixth deal with a major union this year, completing contract talks with IATSE for its basic agreement covering 35,000 below-the-line workers.

The new three-year deal, inked 10 months before the previous deal's expiration, covers members of West Coast studio locals and New York-based locals 52 and 61.

"This was a tough negotiation during tough economic times, but both sides worked hard and negotiated reasonably to come to this agreement," IATSE international president Matthew Loeb said. "This new agreement both protects members and allows new media to evolve."

Terms of the new contract fall in line with deals the AMPTP has made this year with the WGA, DGA and on two AFTRA contracts, with modifications for the needs of IATSE members. IATSE's negotiating committee has recommended ratification by its members.

"Taken together, these six new labor agreements will keep our industry at work, allow producers to experiment with new media and give everyone in our industry a stake in the success of new and emerging markets," the AMPTP said.

The IATSE contract leaves SAG as the only major union holding out on a new deal with producers. The two sides have been locked in a stalemate since July 1 and are scheduled to sit down Thursday for a meeting with a federal mediator.

SAG's objections to the AMPTP offer include residuals on new media. It is unclear what tone the meeting will take in light of the new IATSE agreement, as well as arbitration proceedings initiated by the WGA on Wednesday against the AMPTP over nonpayment of new-media residuals under that guild's new contract.
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