'Icarus' Doc Trailer Digs Into Russia's Doping Scandal (Exclusive Video)


Netflix will release the film that first premiered at Sundance on Aug. 4.

Icarus is a new documentary that dives into the Russian doping scandal through the eyes of one man, an actor-playwright, who was pulled into the scandal.

Here, The Hollywood Reporter debuts the first trailer for the doc, which Netflix will release on Aug. 4.

The film, which first debuted at Sundance in January, follows Bryan Fogel, an actor and amateur biker who decided to document an attempt to beat the anti-doping tests for a race in Europe — a process that somehow accidentally put him in close contact with the man in charge of the Russian athletic doping program, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov. Their early friendship suddenly turns much more urgent as Dr. Rodchenkov’s colleagues disappear, and together the two of them set out to expose the entire program.

The Hollywood Reporter's review from Sundance stated: "While Icarus technically doesn't break any news, it certainly scores many points by showing a diabolical wizard so surprisingly laying his secrets on the table."

The film won the Orwell Award (a new award for that recognizes a film that "reveals the truth at a time when the truth is no longer a commodity") at The Sundance Film Festival. 

Below is the exclusive trailer, and a new poster for the film.