'Ice Age' sequel beats 'Transformers'

'Public Enemies' nabs about $8 million Wednesday

Prehistoric toons outdrew space-age robots in the first round of a five-day holiday duel at the North American boxoffice on Wednesday.

Bursting out of the gate, 20th Century Fox's 3D animated "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs," the third film in the franchise, grossed an estimated $13.8 million in 3,993 theaters. That made the PG-rated movie the top-grossing picture for the day.

Entering its second week of release, Paramount's "Transformers: Rise of the Fallen" took in $10.9 million for a second-place showing. That put the movie's domestic coffers at about $239 million as the movie churns relentlessly toward the $300 million mark.

Universal's "Public Enemies," which also made its debut on Wednesday, claimed a solid third-place showing. The Michael Mann drama, starring Johnny Depp, pleased many high-end reviewers, but there was a question about how it would play to the crowd. Opening in 3,319 theaters, the R-rated period mob movies grabbed about $8.2 million to demonstrate its moxie.