Ice Cube on Overseas Issues and the 'Dark Moments' in the Creation of 'Straight Outta Compton': THR's Producer Roundtable

"They say a black movie doesn’t [travel]. Well, are you promoting? That's probably why it doesn’t travel."

"Seeing it about to fall apart, at many different times," was the most painful part of making Straight Outta Compton, Ice Cube, the film's producer, tells The Hollywood Reporter during the Producer Roundtable. Cube, along with producer Dr. Dre, each brought their distinct power to the project and utilized all of their influence to keep the project together. Yet, "there were dark moments, dark times, where it looked like the movie wasn't going to get made."

"Nobody wanted to compromise our love for the film. Everybody felt passionate. There were a few different times where everybody was saying it's better to walk away than to make something we're not proud of."

In addition to his efforts during the process to keep the project together, Cube shares his frustrations during the film's distribution saying, "the hardest thing for me has been to get different studios to promote, push the movie, market the movie, as wide as they can go, especially overseas. There's a lot of challenges to get the movies that I make overseas and get a market going."

Ice Cube is best known for producing hit films such as Friday, Barbershop and Ride Along. Due to their core audience, these films are known as "black movies," which the studios say, "don't travel." "Well, are you promoting?" asks Ice Cube. "That’s probably why it doesn’t travel."

"I'm lucky to work with Donna Langley (Chairman of Universal Pictures)," he says and speaks to her as the silver lining in Compton's promotional efforts. "She believes. That's really what it takes, somebody that believes in the project."

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