Ice warms to Fox deal


Online jeweler has partnered with Fox to create two jewelry lines inspired by the studio's upcoming film "27 Dresses" that will be sold on a specially created microsite,, and promoted by Ice with ads on MSN and AOL.

Ice founder and executive vp marketing Pinny Gniwisch said Ice was spending a significant amount of money to promote the "Dresses" fashion jewelry and bridal jewelry collections — 24 pieces in total — partly because the company is planning to create and sell jewelry lines based on other upcoming movies, including Warner Bros.' "Fool's Gold" and "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2."

The deal with Fox enables Ice to monetize the placement of its jewelry in the film, which was initially orchestrated by the movie's costume designers.

Unlike name-brand placements in a film that can easily be identified by the audience, it is almost impossible for such non-branded products as jewelry, fashion, accessories and furniture to reap any benefit from their integration in a movie or TV show unless they are specifically mentioned in the dialogue.

"The big blockbuster films have been doing product placement forever," Gniwisch said. "But for the romantic comedies, this can be a new concept. There are very few brands you can identify, especially in a film. This is an ingenious way of letting the audience find your jewelry and giving them an opportunity to buy it."

"Dresses," starring Katherine Heigl and James Marsden, opens Jan. 18.