Icelandic Drama 'Virgin Mountain' Wins Scandinavia's Top Film Honor

Virgin Mountain
Courtesy of Berlin International Film Festival

Dagur Kari's romantic comedy about a very big 43-year-old virgin was named best Nordic film of the year.

Dagur Kari's crowd-pleasing rom-com Virgin Mountain has won the Nordic Council Film Prize, Scandinavia's top cinema honor.

The feature, which premiered in Berlin this year, stars Gunnar Jonsson as the 43-year-old man child Fusi, who, despite his enormous size, is terrified of making the leap into adulthood and remains a virgin.

Announcing its decision, the Nordic Council jury called Virgin Mountain "a simple and visually inventive tale about preserving your goodness and innocence in a seemingly impenetrable world."

The prize, which comes with a $52,000 bursary, was awarded to Kari and the film's producers, Agnes Johansen and Everest helmer Baltasar Kormakur.

Virgin Mountain had its U.S. debut at Tribeca, where it swept the awards, winning the world narrative feature honor, with best actor honors for Jonsson and the best script award for Kari's screenplay.

This is the second year in a row that an Icelandic film has won the Nordic Council prize, following last year's Of Horses and Men from Benedikt Erlingsson