ICM Partners Adds Agents to Independent and International Film Department

Kristen Konvitz_Oliver Wheeler_Split - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of ICM

Kristen Konvitz is joining the agency from Stay Gold Features, while Oliver Wheeler has been promoted.

ICM Partners’ Independent and International Film department has gained two new agents, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Kristen Konvitz is joining the agency from Stay Gold Features, where she served as head of production for the year-old film fund and production company (Patti Cake$, The Strange Ones). She previously was director of film for Indiegogo, and prior to that spent six years in acquisitions and production at Wild Bunch, where she helped open the sales, financing and distribution company’s first U.S. office. Konvitz, who is relocating from New York to work in ICM’s Los Angeles office, began her acquisitions career at The Weinstein Co.

“Our department is in the midst of a banner year, and we want to continue to grow our team with agents who have a passion for this business and a commitment to servicing the agency’s clients,” Independent and International Film department head Jessica Lacy said Monday in a statement. “Kristen is a respected member of the film community and has the collaborative spirit that we need on our team for continued success.”

ICM also has promoted Oliver Wheeler to agent after a year as coordinator in the department. Wheeler’s career began as an assistant at the agency in 2013, and he entered the agent trainee program a year later.