ICM Signs Digital Management Firm TalentX (Exclusive)

Courtesy of ICM
Sway LA

ICM will now rep the firm's clients, including TikTok, YouTube and Instagram stars.

Digital-first management firm TalentX has signed with ICM Partners, bringing its 32 clients under the agency's fold. 

The competitive deal marks a significant investment in digital talent representation for ICM, which has historically focused less on building its roster of clients from emerging platforms. 

"TalentX is the future of talent management and is the company that will bridge the gap between the digital world and the traditional world," Larry Rudolph, partner at Maverick Management and member of the TalentX Entertainment advisory board, said in a statement.

TalentX launched in late 2019 from a group of veteran digital executives and creators. CEO Warren Lentz spent four years at Fullscreen, where he was director of partnerships, and president Tal Fishman operates the Reaction Time YouTube channel that has 15 million subscribers. 

The firm's clients include TikTokers Joey Klaasen (13.5 million followers), Mark Anastasio (6.6 million), Nessa Barrett (4.1 million) and Sarah Graysun (4.6 million). It also operates the Sway LA creator collective, which counts TikTokers Josh Richards (14 million), Griffin Johnson (3.7 million), Anthony Reeves (6.7 million), Bryce Hall (3.8 million), Kio Cyr (4.3 million) and Jaden Hossler (4.3 million) as members. Their group TikTok has 1.7 million followers. 

ICM will represent TalentX's clients in all areas.