Iconic Coca-Cola Bottle Getting Own Documentary (Exclusive)

AP Images

Matthew Miele, whose credits include 'Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's' is co-directing and producing the untitled documentary.

The history of the eponymous Coca-Cola bottle is getting its own documentary, timed to its 100th anniversary.

Matthew Miele (Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's) will produce the untitled film via his Quixotic Endeavors, as well as co-direct alongside Justin Bare.

The Coca-Cola Company has blessed the project and will help pay for marketing. The documentary will focus on the life of the Coca-Cola bottle since its invention in 1915 and its influence on pop art, cinema, artists, including the late Andy Warhol, fashion, music, business, advertising and design.

“When I can hold up a Coca-Cola bottle and ask, ‘is this art or is this commerce?’ and most commonly hear ‘it’s both,’ that sets the stage for an intriguing narrative,” said Miele, who intends to interview personalities and luminaries across various industries.

Katie Bayne, vice president of sparkling brands for Coca-Cola, added: “We are excited to give Quixotic access to the great stories of Coca-Cola, some of which are well told while others have never been heard before, to create this authorized documentary."

The documentary, which doesn't yet have a domestic distributor, but hopes to premiere in November, timed to the official date of the bottle's patent in 2015.