Iconic Pink "Selfie" Wall in L.A. Vandalized

Paul Smith Pink Wall_Google Maps - Screengrab - H 2018
Screengrab/Google Maps

"Go f--- ur selfie."

Not everyone is a fan of selfies.

Melrose Avenue's iconic Pink Wall has been covered in graffiti reading, “Go f--- ur selfie." The message appeared before 11 a.m. Wednesday morning.

The exterior wall of the Paul Smith Los Angeles store is known for drawing amateur influencers who snap photographs in front of the backdrop to post on social media — though professional cameras are often not allowed, with guards monitoring the parking lot. The vandal also sprayed the word “thrash” below the message.

British designer Paul Smith opened his Los Angeles shop in 2005, and began luring tourists to the Pink Wall in the age of Instagram. #PinkWall currently has 113,000 tags on the social media site.

A rep for Paul Smith declined to comment on any possible plans to repaint the wall.

Online, Angelenos started reacting to the graffiti, with YouTuber Tyler Oakley writing, "The Pink Wall in WeHo got an upgrade & honestly, I love it." Another user wrote, "I love it. I think they should leave it."