Ex-ID PR and 42West Publicists Form New Firm

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Liz Mahoney, Megan Moss Pachon, Bryna Rifkin and Heidi Lopata represented stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Evans, Greta Gerwig and Amy Adams.

A week after ID PR announced the abrupt departures of publicists Liz Mahoney and Megan Pachon, the two have announced that they have joined with ID’s Bryna Rifkin and Heidi Lopata from 42West to form their own entertainment publicity shingle, Narrative.

The quartet expect many of their clients to follow them. Their combined roster of star talent included Amy Adams, Josh Brolin, Marion Cotillard, Emilia Clarke, Chris Evans, Kathryn Hahn, Timothy Hutton, Diane Kruger, Jennifer Lawrence, Ewan McGregor, Ezra Miller, Megan Mullally, Ruth Negga, Daisy Ridley, Margot Robbie, Sam Rockwell, Michael Shannon, Alicia Vikander, Kate Winslet, Noah Baumbach, Greta Gerwig, Brit Marling, Simon Kinberg and Matt Reeves, as well as production company Black Label Media.

“We have the utmost esteem for our colleagues at ID and 42West and are deeply appreciative of the wisdom, guidance and mentorship from industry leaders Kelly Bush Novak, Mara Buxbaum, Leslee Dart, Amanda Lundberg and Allan Mayer in nurturing our respective careers,” the four Narrative founders said in a joint statement. “We look forward to our next iteration with the formation of Narrative.”