Idina Menzel on 'Frozen 2': "We're Really Excited That There's a Future"

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The actress talked about the Disney sequel.

With the blockbuster success of Frozen turning Idina Menzel from a much-loved Broadway vet into an Oscars performer and household name, the voice behind "Let It Go" inevitably is going to field a few questions about the Disney film's recently announced sequel. On the red carpet of the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Menzel said that she couldn't spill too many secrets about the sequel, since it's still at a developmental stage.

"I don't know that much," said Menzel. "Honestly, I think they're in the writing/creative stages, so there's not much to talk about, other than we're really excited that there's a future."

When asked about her involvement in the upcoming Frozen Broadway adaptation of the animated smash, Menzel laughed and replied: "I don't know if I feel like hitting that high note eight times a week! … But we'll see. I would love to be a part of it. It's a great family of people, a great creative team, and you never know."

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