'Our Idiot Brother's' Elizabeth Banks Reveals Why She Finally Joined Twitter

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In a new interview, the actress says she "accidentally" got into social networking to fend off an impostor.

Actress Elizabeth Banks may seem like a Twitter expert these days, with more than 506,000 followers and nearly 1,500 tweets under her belt.

However, it turns out the Our Idiot Brother actress fell into twitter “accidentally” to combat an impostor.

“I accidentally got on Twitter because there was a fake Elizabeth Banks, twittering,” she told Esquire.

Her friend David Wain, the director of Role Models, was following someone using the avatar Elizabeth Banks. One day, Wain was hanging out at Banks’ pool when he noticed a tweet for the account.

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"And this person tweeted, ‘Hanging out by my pool! Just chilling on Saturday!’" And David Wain was actually hanging out by my pool, on Saturday, and I wasn't there. I was in New York or something,” she said. “And so he was like, ‘Huh, I don't think you're Elizabeth Banks."

The faux-Banks fell apart, admitting that he or she wasn't actually the actress, and had started the account as a fan. Then, the account gathered so many followers that this person didn't know what to do, so the charade continued.

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Wain called Banks and asked if she wanted the account for herself. “So, yeah: I got Twitter identity theft,” she said.
Banks stars in Our Idiot Brother with Paul Rudd. This is their fifth movie together. 
“You know there's a reason that he's so "likable" on screen: he's a likable person,” Banks told Esquire of Rudd.
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