IDP/Goldwyn: Partners part company


After releasing its films for three years through Samuel Goldwyn Films' marketing and distribution company IDP Distribution, Roadside Attractions amicably split in the summer to set up its own distribution operation. But that was after the Goldwyn/Roadside joint acquisition "Amazing Grace," Michael Apted's portrait of abolitionist William Wilberforce, established itself as IDP's biggest hit of the year with $21.2 million. Working with Sony's Destination Films, Goldwyn handled such quirky titles as Richard Kelly's retooled "Southland Tales" and David Von Ancken's Western "Seraphim Falls," but neither made much of a dent at the boxoffice. Goldwyn enjoyed more success on its own with actress-turned-director Julie Delpy's "2 Days in Paris," which romanced a tidy $4.4 million.

IDP/Goldwyn 2007 boxofficeRelease dateBoxoffice
Seraphim Falls1/26   0.4
Amazing Grace2/23     21.2
Lonely Hearts4/13    0.2
Blind Dating5/11   0.09
Rise: Blood Hunter6/1   0.1
Goya’s Ghosts7/20      1.0
2 Days in Paris8/10      4.4
O’ Jerusalem10/19    0.2
Southland Tales11/16      0.3
Revolver12/7     0.08
Facing the Giants9/29/06    0.09
2007 total: $28.1 mil