Idris Elba Downplays Mystery Bulge in His Pants: "That Is a Mic Wire"

AP Photo/ Donald Traill

No, he isn't just happy to see you.

Idris Elba briefly caused the Internet to hit DEFCON 2 when photos suggesting he was particularly well endowed surfaced online.

But looks were deceiving when it came to the bulge in his pocket. Elba says the images dissected by Gawker and praised by celebrity site CocoaFab were not what people thought it was.

It turns out, it was just a microphone wire from the set of A Hundred Streets.

And there's more.

Elba has struck gold tweeting about his member before. This tweet from earlier this year got more than 8,500 retweets.

The man knows his target audience. Mad Men's Jon Hamm was not as amused as Elba when similar talk about his size came up last year.