Spirit Awards Grooming: Idris Elba, Jason Segel Opt for Full-On Facial Hair

Facial Hair - H 2016
Getty Images

From five o’clock shadows to salt-and-pepper goatees.

The Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday afternoon were looking pretty hairy, on the men’s side at least. Although there wasn’t any Jared Leto–style long hair, many of the men wore facial hair. It came in all lengths and shapes.

Liev Schreiber had the closest shave, rocking a perfect five o’clock shadow that accentuated his strong jaw. Michael Shannon also wore some growth, though he kept it pretty tightly trimmed. Jason Segel looked tanned and happy with a perfect amount of scruff.

Cool guy and Spirit Award winner Idris Elba paired his newsboy cap and classic shades with an impeccably groomed salt-and-pepper goatee. But what else would we expect from him? Anthony Mackie, too, wore a tight goatee with his navy suit and sneakers look.

HAIRY DAYS: Mark Duplass, left, Anthony Mackie and Michael Shannon (Photos: Getty Images)

There was also a significant crew walking the blue carpet in full-out beards. Heading up that segment was funny guy Mark Duplass, with a bushy beard and bedhead, and J.K. Simmons, whose facial hair was two-toned. So, who thinks these guys will shave for the Oscars?