IDTV checks into Motel Films for co-prod'n


AMSTERDAM -- Two leading Dutch independent film and television production companies Motel Films and IDTV Film are joining forces.

The companies will work together under the name IDTV Film. Both parties plan to make film and television drama for the Dutch and foreign market under the IDTV banner.

The name Motel Films will remain a label for art movies, while drama output will be absorbed by IDTV Film.

Negotiations for the merger began this year, and Jeroen Beker and Frans van Gestel of Motel Films said it was necessary in order to grow.

Motel Films recently co-produced Paul Verhoeven's "Black Book" and the current Dutch hit "Love Is All."

IDTV, the company behind the Oscar-nominated "Twin Sisters" and Ben Sombogaart's "Bride Flight," is looking for "further artistic continuity for the film company" and aims to expand its drama output as a result of the collaboration.

The new management consists of Beker and van Gestel, under which Anton Smit maintains his position as independent creative producer.

IDTV's Hanneke Niens has opted not to join the new collaboration and will pursue a career as an independent producer.