IFC Books Donald Trump Doc For U.S. Debut


Anthony Baxter's "You've Been Trumped" film is booked into the IFC Center's Stranger Than Fiction series just as Donald Trump talks of a U.S. president run, again.

TORONTO – The controversial Donald Trump expose’ You've Been Trumped is coming to the celebrity property tycoon’s Manhattan doorstep.

The IFC Center has booked Anthony Baxter’s documentary about Donald Trump bullying Scottish homeowners to build a luxury golf course to screen as part of its Stranger Than Fiction series on July 7.

The weekly Manhattan screenings are programmed by Thom Powers, who is also the international documentary programmer at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Raphaela Neihausen.

You've Been Trumped, which bowed last month at the Hot Docs! documentary festival in Toronto, has drawn media heat as The Celebrity Apprentice mogul continues to tease U.S. voters with a possible U.S. presidential run.

The Scottish documentary will also screen at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival on June 10 after the Edinburgh International Film Festival declined to show the controversial film.

Baxter is planning an alternative Scottish premiere for the David vs. Goliath film that portrays local Scottish farmer Michael Forbes defiantly standing in the way of Trump’s bulldozers as they run roughshod over an isolated stretch of sand dunes in Scotland.