IFP picks projects for Lab

Program designed for first features shot for under $1 mil

New York-based IFP has chosen 10 narrative features, all in their rough-cut stage, to be part of its Filmmaker Lab, which runs for five days beginning Mondayunder the leadership of producers Scott Macaulay and Gretchen McGowan.

The mentorship program is designed for first features shot on budgets of less than $1 million.

The 2009 projects picked are "Au Pair Kansas," from director JT O'Neal, producers Joan Jerkovich, Catherine A. McCabe & O'Neal and editor Brad Roszel; "City on a Hill" (director Amy Seimetz, producer Justin Barber, editor Adele Romanski); "The Imperialists Are Still Alive!" (director Zeina Durra, producer Vanessa Hope, editor Michael Taylor); "The Myth of Time" (director Miller "Jaguar X" Koepenick, producer Scorpion Hernandez, editors Koepenick & Hernandez); and "Perfection" (director Christina Beck, producer Annette Murphy and editor Rob Poswell).

Also selected are "Phasma Ex Machina," from director/editor Matt Osterman and producer Jennifer Kramer; "Postales" (director Josh Hyde, producers Clare Connelly, Dan Fischer, Maxim Holland and PJ Fishwick and editors Hyde & Evan Smith); "Stranger Things," (director/producer/editors Ron Eyal & Eleanor Burke); "The Tested" (director Russell Costanzo, producer Melissa Miller and editors Costanzo & Michael Taylor; and "Wanderlost," director David Kabler, producers Kabler, Dan Judson, Mitch Rumfelt & Troy Scott Burnette and editor Dan Judson.