Iggy Pop, Grace Jones to Star in "Loudest Silent Movie on Earth"

Iggy Pop, Gutterdammerung

'Gutterdammerung' will also feature Henry Rollins and has been described as the "craziest f—ing story you'll ever see in a theater."

Having recently been seen fronting a series of ads for a U.K. car insurance provider, Iggy Pop looks to be putting his on-screen rock image right.

Soon to be appearing in British thriller Blood Orange and announced as the serial killer in The Sandman, Pop has now been lined up to star in something even more suitable for a man of his noise-making esteem.

Gutterdammerung, billed as the "loudest silent movie on earth" and with a name taken from Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen opera cycle, will see Pop star as Vicious, a "punk angel" sent to "test humanity and set the whole world on fire." The rocker will appear alongside Grace Jones, playing an "African Goddess from Hell," and the "only character who can make the rock and roll bastards feel the fear." Adding to the eclectic lineup are Henry Rollins as "Priest Svengali" (described as "exactly what repulses him in real life") and Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes as a "bounty hunter that kills sound for money." A new cast member — eight more, according the official website — are due to be announced each week.

Gutterdammerung is the brainchild of Belgium-based Swedish director and photographer Bjorn Tagemose, who has previously helmed commercials for Nike and Adidas featuring the likes of David Beckham, alongside rock and fashion shows for musicians such as Jones, Juliette Lewis and David Guetta.

In a promotional video, Rollins said that the film was "primarily a visual experience with very little dialog," and that the audience wouldn’t be sitting down to watch it, but would be "standing up for this very loud, fully immersive experience." He added that the film would be screened with a live rock band playing the score.

"It’s not a rockumentary, it’s not a f—ing spinal tap," added Hughes. "It’s the real f—ing deal, it’s the craziest f—ing story you’ll ever see in a theater."

No other details were revealed.