Iglesias triumphs on 'Gone Country'


NASHVILLE -- Latin star Julio Iglesias Jr., whose father famously dueted with Willie Nelson, is the winner of the CMT reality show "Gone Country." His single, "The Way I Want You" (Team/EMI Latin), which he co-wrote with James Slater and Tammy Hyler, will be shipped to country radio Monday. A live performance video for the song will air on CMT.

Hosted by John Rich of Big & Rich, the seven-episode series found Iglesias, Maureen McCormick, Sisqo, Dee Snider, Diana DeGarmo, Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson competing for the chance to release a single produced by Rich.

Unlike other reality shows in which the audience chose the winner, the contestants on "Gone Country" only had to impress one person, Rich.

In a recent Billboard exclusive interview before the results were announced, Rich said this about Igelsias: "His only weakness is the language barrier and I am not sure that is so much of a weakness, really. He doesn't know a lot about country as far as modern country, (but) he knows a lot about old country because of his dad. We have been looking for a bridge to bridge that gap between the Hispanic community and country music for forever. We could really use a couple of artists that speak their language and speak our language and bridge the two together. If he wanted to stick with it and take a serious run at it, he could do something."