Ilana Glazer Shares Her 5 Essential 'Broad City' Episodes

From "The Lockout" to the series finale, the star and co-creator of the hit Comedy Central series breaks down five must-see episodes.

While Broad City may have said goodbye after five successful seasons, it’s never too late to binge-watch the hit Comedy Central series.  

"I love Broad City. I mean, Abbi [Jacobson] and I are the number one fans of Broad City; we're obsessed. I think we made a show that we can binge later," Broad City star and co-creator Ilana Glazer told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio during a recent sit-down.   

Glazer shared her five essential episodes that are a must-watch for any Broad City fan, new and old, including "The Lockout" from season one and season four's "Florida." 

Speaking on the emotional series finale in season five, Glazer said, "We felt like responsible parents of these characters. We had birthed these characters into the world, and we felt like this was the most responsible way to them and to our audience, to help them gently grow up," she explained.

She continued: "It was so thrilling and nerve-wracking and exciting to give ourselves the chance to cry and be upset about the loss of Broad City and our own personal lives. We really let that live inside the show on the screen. I'm so proud and upset."

To see each of Glazer’s episode breakdowns, watch the video above.