Ilene Feldman Closes IFA Talent, Becoming Manager

Client Ryan Gosling will follow her to Rick Yorn's LBI and continue to be repped by Feldman and manager Carolyn Govers.

IFA Talent, the agency run by Ilene Feldman that reps Ryan Gosling and other stars, is shutting down. Feldman is heading to LBI, the management firm run by Rick Yorn,

Sources say that Feldman is bringing Wendy Murphey with her to LBI. IFA agents David Lillard and Christy Hall have chosen to remain agents. Their fates, as well as those of the agency's many high-profile clients, will be determined in the next two months as the company unwinds and Feldman transitions.

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IFA also reps Angelina Jolie, Josh Hartnett, Brian Cox, Chris Isaak, Dave Matthews, Jonny Lee Miller, Kate Upton and Yvonne Strahovski, among others. It's the rare small talent agency that has managed to maintain a roster of major stars.

But the big question is what will become of Gosling. The actor's manager, Carolyn Govers, just left Artist Management and headed to Anonymous Content, taking Gosling along with her.

Gosling will continue to be repped by both Feldman and Govers, Feldman tells The Hollywood Reporter.

"Ryan has two people in his life, me and Carolyn. He's always had me and Carolyn. That's what he wants," she says.

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Feldman has been an agent for more than 30 years. Her decision to shutter IFA was borne out of a desire to return to her roots.

"I've been running a company for 19 years, and I wanted to go back to the reason why I started in the first place: to work with great actors," she says. "I didn't plan on running a company. I just needed to make a life change."

The addition of Feldman makes LBI even more formidable, as the company's roster already includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Cameron Diaz, Martin Scorsese, Reese Witherspoon, Jude Law, Jamie Foxx, Benicio Del Toro and Sean "Diddy" Combs.