"I'm Allergic to Exposition," Says 'Hell or High Water' Screenwriter Taylor Sheridan | Writer Oscar Roundtable

He calls 'Hell or High Water' a "very personal exploration of my own experiences and of a way of life."

"Exposition in dialogue is something that you do a lot on television, like I was, so it gave me an allergy to that," Hell or High Water screenwriter Taylor Sheridan told The Hollywood Reporter during the Writer Roundtable. "I look for absurdly simple plots so that I can simply focus on the characters. Having an understanding of what dialogue's easy to say and hard to say — I think that that's helpful too."

Sheridan worked as an actor for nearly 20 years, appearing on shows like Walker, Texas Ranger, Sons of Anarchy and NCIS: Los Angles before transitioning to screenwriting, with his first feature, 2015's Sicario, starring Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin. The film gained critical acclaim.

for a long time, maybe 10 or 12 movies in.""]

"I thought of Jeff Bridges in Hell or High Water and Ben Foster and I kept trying very hard not to, because you're terrified you're going to write this thing that then feeds specifically to this one person that then won't do it."

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