Image Comics, Lorenzo and Par ... Oh my!


Paramount is going on safari.

The studio has acquired "Lions, Tigers and Bears," a family- oriented project based on a popular comic book series from Image Comics.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura is producing the live-action pic, which Joey Aucoin is writing from his own pitch.

The fantasy tale centers on a young boy whose stuffed animals come to life in the middle of the night to protect him from a group of monsters called the Beasties, and the adventures of the boy as he travels through the stuffed-animal kingdom.

Mike Bullock's comic has no grown-up lead, but the film version could add one, with an adult version of the boy returning to and reflecting on his childhood home.

Aucoin was attached to write the screenplay for "Unicorn," a tale about a single father and his unicorn-loving daughter that has been set up at Par/Nickelodeon. (partialdiff)