Imagenation mines Middle East material

Abu Dhabi Media division to produce films, digital content

LONDON -- Imagenation Abu Dhabi, run by chairman Mohamed Khalaf Al-Mazrouei and CEO Edward Borgerding, a former Disney exec, said Sunday it has created a division to create content based on Middle East stories and materials.

The division, owned by the Abu Dhabi Media Co., will provide a platform for the development, production and distribution of movies and digital content based on stories from the region, the company said.

It said it plans to "develop relationships" with talent in the region and "to collaborate with them to produce films that have both regional and global appeal."

Imagenation Abu Dhabi issued a statement saying it has allocated "substantial funding" toward the financing of projects across all genres and aims at setting up an initial development slate of five to seven projects in 2009.

Said Borgerding: "There are so many untold stories in the Middle East that have the potential to transcend borders and cross over to the global market, thus to educate and entertain audiences throughout the world; it is our mission to help that potential unfold."

Imagenation Abu Dhabi and Participant media formed a $250 million fund to finance a slate of feature films in September last year.
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