Imago honors Guiseppe Rotunno

Presenting the group's first lifetime achievement award

The European Federation of Cinematographers, Imago, will present its first lifetime achievement award to Italian cinematographer Guiseppe Rotunno for his contributions to his art during the 2008 Filmmaker's Festival, Sept. 28-30 in Frankfurt Germany.

Rotunno was a frequent collaborator with Federico Fellini. He credits include "All That Jazz," for which he received an Oscar nomination, and "Il Casanova di Federico Fellini."

Cinematographer Luciano Tovoli, founder of Imago, will make the presentation.

This year, Imago is joining American Cinema Editors as partners for the Filmmaker's Festival, which focuses on the art and science of filmmaking with panels and presentations from world-class artists covering a range of disciplines including cinematography, visual effects, editing and directing.

"Participation in the Filmmaker's Festival will provide cinematographers throughout Europe a meaningful platform to share and explore their craft together with so many other production professionals," Imago president Nigel Walters said.

Imago comprises 28 European societies of cinematographers with affiliations in additional nations.