Imax books 'Inception'

Third Christopher Nolan pic to play massive screens

TORONTO -- Giant screen exhibitor Imax Corp. on Thursday said it will release Warner Bros. Pictures' sci-fi pic "Inception" on July 16, 2010, day-and-date with its conventional theatrical release.

The booking will reunite Imax with "Inception" director Christopher Nolan, whose "Dark Knight" grossed $65 million on Imax screens.

Imax also screened Nolan's 2005 pic "Batman Begins," also shot for Warner Bros. Pictures.

"Inception" stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page and Michael Caine.

Imax previously announced a day-and-date release for Walt Disney Studios' 3D adventure pic "Tron: Legacy," with a wider theatrical release on December 17, 2010, and that Sony's "Spiderman 4" will screen in its super-sized theaters in 2011.