Imax brings in over $640,000 for 'Aftershock'

First Imax film made outside of U.S. opens on 12 screens

BEIJING -- Feng Xiaogang's "Aftershock" took in over $640,000 on 12 Imax screens in China during its record-breaking opening weekend, Imax Corp. said Tuesday.

Averaging about $55,000 per Imax screen, the large-format showings were not included in figures for its opening weekend, taking in 160 million yuan ($23.5 million) in the widest-ever opening in China, with more than 3,500 prints distributed for the July 22 release. The film will open on three more Imax screens in August, putting it on more than half of China's total, the company said.

Feng's "Aftershock," a drama about the 1976 Tangshan earthquake that killed 240,000 people, is the first of three pictures Imax agreed to make with China’s first publicly-listed movie studio, Huayi Brothers Media, last year at the Shanghai International Film Festival  It is also the first Imax picture made outside of the United States.

"Aftershock" also set an opening day record by taking 36.2 million yuan for its July 22 bow, a single-day high for a Chinese film.

In a June interview with THR Asia, Imax CEO Rich Gelfond said that his company plans to have 50 of its screens in operation at cinemas throughout China by 2012.

-- Jonathan Landreth contributed to this report.
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