Imax bundles up for Siberian screen


TORONTO -- Giant-screen exhibitor Imax Corp. on Friday said it has inked a deal to install a super-sized screen in a multiplex in Siberia in the rural town of Novosibirsk.

Toronto-based Imax said the agreement with Siberian exhibitor Art Science Cinema Distribution will see the screen placed in a multiplex scheduled to open in late 2008.

The Siberian deal follows Imax on Wednesday announcing a deal to place one of its screens in a commercial multiplex in Nanjing, China (HR 7/26).

The deal with Art Science Cinema Distribution, Russia's fifth- largest exhibitor, which operates 28 screens in nine theaters and is slated to open another 21 screens by the end of the year, represents the fourth Imax screen destined for the Russian market.

"The Imax experience gives us the ability to offer something that far exceeds any other cinematic experience in Siberia," Lubov Sainova, general director of Art Science Cinema Distribution, said in a statement.

The Novosibirsk screen will be capable of airing digitally-remastered Hollywood movies, as well as traditional Imax 2D and 3D films.

Imax currently operates about 283 theaters in 40 countries.