Imax, China in co-production deal

Film co-production deal with China’s Huayi Bros. studio

TORONTO -- Giant screen pioneer Imax Corp. on Tuesday will unveil a film co-production deal with China's Huayi Bros. studio.

Imax CEO Rich Gelfond is to announce the partnership with China's biggest independent film studio to jointly make and release three movies, each to be digitally remastered by Toronto-based Imax.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the first film from the deal will be "Aftershock," a commercial film to unspool on Imax screens in China and Asia next summer.

Imax last April unveiled its latest Chinese theater deal with China Film Group to open a supersize screen in a new multiplex in Tianjin in October.

That deal brings to 41 the number of screens Imax expects to have by 2012 in China, its second-largest market after the U.S.

The Huayi Bros. co-production deal aims to move Imax move beyond Hollywood movies to secure new audiences with local foreign-language product on its Asian screens.