Imax Digitally Remastering Russian Language 'Stalingrad' 3D Epic

The Canadian-based exhibitor will release the Second World War picture on its screens in Russia and the CIS in October 2013.

TORONTO - Imax is making good on plans to launch local language movies in Russia.

The giant screen exhibitor is pacting with producer Alexander Rodnyansky to digitally remaster and release the Second World War 3D epic Stalingrad on its screens in Russia and the CIS in October 2013.

Launching the first Russian language film in the Imax format follows the Toronto-based exhibitor inking deals with a host of Russian exhibitors, including Kinomax and MORI Cinema, to open new digital theatres in Russia and regional markets.

Imax already has 22 theaters open in Russia and expects to have around 45 locations operating by 2014.

Stalingrad is directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk and stars Pyotr Fedorov and Thomas Kretschmann.

The 3D movie recalls the Battle of Stalingrad during the Second World War, where Soviet troops fought and eventually won back control of Stalingrad after it was occupied by German troops in February 1943.

The patriotic Stalingrad is produced by Non-Stop Production and Art Pictures Studio.

"We believe that by combining the incredible directional style of Fyodor Bondarchuk with Imax's amazing technology, we will be able to make the powerful story of Stalingrad the ultimate movie-going experience for Russian audiences,” Rodnyansky, who is also chairman of A.R. Films, said in a statement Wednesday.

Imax has already started releasing local language films in China after reaching critical mass with the number of screens in that market, and has plans to do the same with Bollywood films in India.