Imax Options 'Moby Duck' for 3D Documentary

Greg Foster 2004 - P 2013
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Greg Foster 2004 - P 2013

Donovan Hohn's book about 28,800 rubber duckies lost at sea will be adapted by writer-director Drew Fellman, with Imax's Greg Foster overseeing.

Imax has optioned Donovan Hohn's 2011 book Moby Duck and unveiled plans for a 3D theatrical documentary adaptation by Born to Be Wild writer-producer Drew Fellman.

The project, which Fellman will write and direct, will chronicle the environmental impact after a ship in the north Pacific headed from China to the U.S. loses a cargo container filled with 28,800 rubber-duck bath toys. The rubber toys eventually float around the world on oceanic currents, lost at sea, with some being randomly picked up by beachcombers.

Imax said the Moby Duck film will dramatize such interlocking themes as Chinese toy factories, shipping conglomerates, the impact of plastics on wildlife and mounting Pacific Ocean debris. "This is an exciting new project for Imax Entertainment, one that goes hand in hand with our legacy, but with a fun twist," said Greg Foster, senior executive vp of Imax Corp. and CEO of Imax Entertainment.

Imax will shoot the 3D version of Moby Duck with its proprietary Imax cameras.