Imax Pacts With Barco on Laser Projection Development

The Canadian and Belgium companies will collaborate on new technology to allow the exhibitor to screen super-sized Hollywood movies in more institutional theaters.

TORONTO - Imax has pacted with Belgium imaging technology maker Barco to improve its digital cinema offering.

The two companies will co-develop new laser projection technology to allow the giant screen exhibitor to screen digitally-remastered Hollywood movies in more institutional and dome theaters.

After acquiring Eastman Kodak Company patents in October 2011, Imax’s seven-year deal with Barco will aim at greater brightness and clarity and reduced power consumption in next-generation digital technology.

Barco will be Imax's exclusive worldwide partner in the developing the digital projection technology, expected to be deployed in Imax theaters in 2013.

The Canadian large format exhibitor earlier secured the exclusive rights to a range of laser projection patents from Eastman Kodak.

These included around 50 patent families to deliver digital content, including supers-sized Hollywood films, to 80 to 100 feet institutional theater screens and to dome theatres that previously screened only analog film.

Imax is to return royalties to Kodak as part of the agreement.

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