Imax Pacts With MacGillivray Freeman Films and Warner Bros. Pictures

The three-way pact will see the giant screen exhibitor and movie producer exploit studio marketing and distribution for certain large-format documentary releases, starting with "To The Arctic 3D."

TORONTO – Giant screen exhibitor Imax is looking to cement its ties with longtime large format documentary supplier MacGillivray Freeman Films.

The two sides are hammering out a long-term content deal to include marketing, distribution and co-financing efforts to support institutional Imax exhibitors with a steady flow of high-impact documentaries.

Pending final approvals, the partnership agreement will start with the 2012 release of To the Arctic 3D, a MacGillivray Freeman Films, Warner Bros. Pictures and Imax co-production.

The two parties will also benefit from Imax's long-term ties with Warner Bros. Pictures, where films like To The Arctic 3D that are co-produced by Warner Bros. can access the studio's marketing and distribution muscle.

Imax and MacGillivray Freeman, which is run by Greg MacGillivray and Shaun MacGillivray, have a long association.

They first pacted in 1974 to develop Imax cameras, and in recent years have worked together on major large format releases like Arabia 3D, Everest and The Living Sea.

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