Imax to Super-Size First Chinese Language 3D Movie

"Flying Swords of Dragon Gate," a $35 million epic martial arts film from China's Bona Film Group, will be released on Imax screens.

TORONTO -- Imax Corp. on Wednesday said it will super-size the $35 million epic Flying Swords of Dragon Gate from China’s Bona Film Group, ahead of a Christmas release.

Flying Swords comes from director Tsui Hark, with Jet Li in the lead.

Imax will digitally re-master the 3D martial arts movie into its own 3D format, for release to Imax theatres in China day-and-date in December 2011.

Flying Swords will be the first Chinese-language project to be released in Imax 3D, and the third Chinese language movie released by Imax.

The movie’s ensemble cast includes Zhou Xun, Aloys Chen Kun, Li Yuchun and Kwai Lun-Mei.

"Imax motion picture technologies have revolutionized the movie-going experience and together we are making history by presenting Flying Swords of Dragon Gate in the immersive Imax 3D format," Yu Dong, founder, chairman and CEO of Bona Film Group, said in a statement.

In Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, a Ming dynasty general played by Jet Li finds himself at odds with a power-hungry eunuch, and eventually they battle at the titular Dragon Gate Inn, a remote outpost in the desert.