Imax supersizes D'Works ani


Loading up on 3-D animation, Imax has inked a four-picture deal with DreamWorks Animation that includes the studio's first three CGI- powered features.

Toronto-based Imax said Wednesday that it will release "Monsters vs. Aliens" in March 2009, "How to Train Your Dragon" in November 2009 and "Shrek Goes Fourth" in May 2010.

Simultaneous with Imax's supersize rollout, Paramount will release DreamWorks' CGI titles on digital 3-D theaters elsewhere.

"3-D cinema has an opportunity to revolutionize the way people experience movies," DWA CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg said. "We believe the immersive quality of Imax will provide our audiences with a unique way to experience our films, and we are delighted to include Imax as a key part of our 3-D strategy."

Imax also will unspool DreamWorks' 2-D "Kung Fu Panda" in June. Jack Black provides the voice of the film's panda hero.

The Canadian exhibitor also has staked out new ground with its first multiple 3-D picture studio deal. Imax will digitally remaster each DreamWorks title for its large-screen format. It also expects to show the DreamWorks titles on its new digital projection technology that's slated to roll out in mid-2008.