IMAX Tunes up Theatre Boom Boxes with New Technology

New nXos Calibrator is an equalizer that digitally tunes and monitors audio systems


TORONTO -- Multi-speaker surround sound just got better at IMAX, the giant screen exhibitor claimed Monday, after it unveiled propriety technology to automatically adjust sound frequencies.

Toronto-based IMAX's new nXos Calibrator is touted as a super equalizer that digitally tunes and monitors audio systems in large format theatres.

IMAX insists the nXos Calibrator will "significantly exceed" the capability of manual equalization processes to provide a more immersive movie-going experience.

"We developed the nXos Calibrator to maximize the listening experience for moviegoers and to make the operation of Imax theatres easier for exhibitors who are often responsible for simultaneously monitoring dozens of screens in addition to their IMAX venue," Brian Bonnick, IMAX executive vp of technology, said.

The patented technology enables Imax technicians to monitor from a remote location the status of nXos equipped audio systems, and to apply corrections if changes in audio calibration are detected