Image Hosting Platform Imgur Launches Dedicated Gaming Vertical

Imgur Melee - Imgur Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Imgur

The new offering, Melee, is described as the "most notable product launch since the company was founded in 2009."

Online image sharing platform Imgur has launched a dedicated in-app video game section, Melee.

Described as the "most notable product launch since the company was founded in 2009," Melee will serve as a hub for Imgur's users to find and share esports highlights, news and updates on upcoming titles and content related to the gaming industry.  

“Gaming is one of the most popular topics on Imgur, with nearly half of our 300 million users following gaming-related tags,” said Imgur founder Alan Schaaf. “We believe that Melee will provide an even richer experience for our existing community of gamers, while also presenting an opportunity to attract new audiences across the globe.” 

Melee is available now for iOS Imgur users and the company plans to expand the service to Android devices in early 2020, with a desktop version to come at a later date.

Through an integration with Twitch, Imgur will allow Melee users to log in using their Twitch account and import clips directly from the Amazon live-streaming platform. Early next year, the company will also launch a feature that will alert users' Melee followers when they begin a stream on Twitch and also send alerts when one's favorite streamers launch their streams.

Launched in 2009, Imgur has grown into one of the world's largest image hosting platforms. It is also one of the most-visited sites online, ranking in the top 100 of Amazon's Alexa Top Sites rankings. The site currently boasts 300 million monthly visitors.