'Imitation Game' Screenwriter's Best Advice: "Shut The F--- Up"

Graham Moore gives a surprising answer

As a first-time screenwriter, Graham Moore was understandably pumped to get to the set of The Imitation Game.

But what's the role of a screenwriter who's around during a shoot? To figure that out, he asked a friend with experience. 

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"I had a moment, right before we shot our movie, I talked to my friend Fred who has made a bunch of movies. 'As a writer on set, what's my job?' And he was like, 'Well, there's one simple thing you have to remember: You're the writer on set, shut the f— up!' " recalls Moore.

In other words, let the filmmakers do their thing, and don't get involved in squabbles that aren't in your area of expertise. 

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Moore, who is earning Oscar buzz for his work on the biopic of British code-breaker Alan Turing, made his comments during The Hollywood Reporter's writer roundtable. The wide-ranging discussion also features Chris Rock (Top Five), Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), Jon Favreau (Chef), Jonathan "Jonah" Nolan (Interstellar) and Anthony McCarten (The Theory of Everything).

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