'The Imitation Game' Teams With Google for Code-Breaking Contest (Exclusive)

Jack English/The Weinstein Company
'The Imitation Game'

The period drama stars Benedict Cumberbatch as computer scientist Alan Turing

There's more to the trailer for The Imitation Game than meets the eye. 

Google and The Weinstein Co. have been running a secret contest to find a modern-day version of the film's subject, British scientist-turned-World War II code-breaker Alan Turing

It began Nov. 21 with the release of a special trailer for the film with an IP address hidden throughout. Tech savvy viewers who noticed the code — which appears several times throughout the trailer — and typed it into their web browsers were given access to a high-tech crossword puzzle inspired by Turing's work. Solving the crossword then opened access to a series of timed puzzles and questions designed by Google engineers. 

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The website says it is now closed with a message that tells those who are "still curious" to "search on" using Google. 

Winners of the competition have not been announced, but a TWC spokesman says that the puzzle-solvers who caught the eye of Google's recruiters could be offered the chance to earn a spot at Google. 

The Imitation Game, which debuted in theaters Nov. 28, stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Turing. It has been nominated for three SAG Awards and five Golden Globes. 

Watch the trailer to look for the hidden clues.