Impatient Pictures strikes Euro co-pro deals

Deals made at Trans Atlantic Partners conference

TORONTO -- Canadian indie producer Impatient Pictures has turned two European feature film projects into international co-production deals with Canuck financing and creative elements.

While attending the Trans Atlantic Partners co-production conference in Berlin, Impatient's Gregory MacKenzie transformed "Dreamland," a futuristic Bulgarian film written and produced by Svetoslav Doytchinov, into a 50-50 co-production.

The movie will be shot in Sofia, Bulgaria with a mix of Canadian and Bulgarian talent and financing, before posting in Canada.

MacKenzie also partnered with British producer Jamie Nuttgens ("Red Riding," "The Bill") to co-produce "Birthday Girl," a family comedy to be shot in Vancouver by British writer/director Smita Bhide, with posting in London.

MacKenzie is only the latest Canadian movie producer to embrace international co-productions at the urging of a federal government looking to see local producers find cash and long-term relationships abroad.

"Risk is shared among the co-production partners, and the benefits of each country can be maximized both financially and creatively," MacKenzie explained.

Traditional markets for homegrown Canadian films are in the U.S., the U.K., France and Germany, but Ottawa is also encouraging local producers to explore emerging markets in Asia and Latin America.

Canada currently has official international co-production agreements with around 53 countries and, in an increasingly global entertainment market, has its producers striking tripartite and quadripartite co-production arrangements.

Trans Atlantic Partners is a joint venture from Canada's Strategic Partners and Germany's Erich Pommer Institut.