Imprint Entertainment Buys $10 Million Stake in BlueStar Digital

Erik Hansen - H 2013

UPDATED: Blue Star’s Erick Hansen will work on the successor technology to Blu-ray with Imprint’s Michael Becker and Cain McKnight.

Imprint Entertainment has acquired an undisclosed interest in BlueStar Digital Technologies in a deal valued at $10 million, the two companies announced Wednesday.

BlueStar Digital founder and CEO Erick Hansen, who played a role in the development of the DVD and Blu-ray, will continue with the enterprise working on digital delivery technology with Imprint’s Michael Becker and Cain McKnight.

"We hope to change the face of digital delivery technology around the world,” said Hansen.

BlueStar will create its own content, including video games and feature films, according to Hansen, who called this a “global partnership.”

Hansen said he is working on the next generation of Blu-ray technology. "By the time I finish with the next generation of digital delivery technology,” added Hansen, “Blu-ray will be called BLUR-RAY.”

During his career, Hansen has worked with Disney, Sony, Columbia and other major studios.