From Colonoscopies to Ping-Pong: What Hollywood Insiders Will be Doing In Lieu of Watching the Inauguration

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Amy Landecker

“I think the greatest protest of all would be the lowest ratings in modern television inauguration history,” says ‘Transparent’ star Amy Landecker.

Donald Trump will be sworn in as the United States' 45th president on Friday. But a number of entertainment industry insiders aren't planning to watch or participate in the inauguration and they have various other activities planned ranging from a colonoscopy to drinking.

Read on to see what a selection of Hollywood figures has planned for Inauguration Day.

John Lee Hancock
Director, The Founder
"I think I am going to be out of town that weekend, and I am going to try to slip into a theater. It's not the inauguration; it's the opening day of The Founder. Let's get this straight."

Daniel Handler
Writer, A Series of Unfortunate Events
"There's a certain tavern that I frequent that's open early on momentous or otherwise jarring days, and I imagine I'll be there with a few friends having a gimlet or, you know, five gimlets or however that works."

Lysa Heslov
Producer and documentary filmmaker
"I'm having a colonoscopy instead. I'm wearing a black surgical gown with a pussy bow as I will be in mourning."

Amy Landecker
Actress, Transparent
"I feel like what [President-elect Trump] wants the most is ratings. And I think the greatest protest of all would be the lowest ratings in modern television inauguration history. Hashtag Don't watch."

Pablo Larrain
Director, Jackie and Neruda
"On Inauguration Day, I think I'll be playing ping-pong. It's a very beautiful sport. It's very hard, and I'm very good at it."

Matt Cherniss
President and general manager, WGN America & Tribune Studios
"I'll be on a Cub Scout camping trip with my sons"

Keith Cox
President of production and development, TV Land
"I'll be watching it in the office on mute during a notes call."

Nick Grad
President, original programming, FX Networks & FX Productions
"I'm staying off the internet."

Emma Tillinger Koskoff
Producer, Silence
"I am going to be on tour with the movie in Europe and hopefully I am just going to be sleeping through it and, you know, hoping that four years go by real quick."

Andrew Garfield
Actor, Silence
"I am going to be in London rehearsing a play, which feels an important thing for the current climate politically in England and in America so I'll be rehearsing and cheering people on in the Women's March and all those things."

Barry Sonnenfeld
Director, A Series of Unfortunate Events
"I'm going to London. My daughter and wife said that I needed a vacation 'cause I've been on [Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events] for 11 months, and I thought, a vacation is just sitting on the deck — in Telluride, Colorado, where I live — and describing clouds like, 'Is that a dinosaur eating a pizza, or is that a cat playing with a fig?' But they're making me go to London. Truthfully, I'd like not to be here."

Courteney Monroe
CEO, National Geographic Global Networks
"I am getting out of Washington, D.C., where I live, and going to Sundance."

Roy Price
Head of Amazon Studios
"Haven't made any plans — when is it?"

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