Inauguration Day: See Obamas Greet Trumps at White House

Getty Images
Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, Donald Trump, Barack Obama

The moment marks the peaceful transfer of power that President Obama has preached since President-elect Trump's election.

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama received President-elect Donald Trump and wife Melania Trump at the front door of the White House ahead of Trump's swearing in as the 45th President of the United States on Friday.

Donald and Melania Trump, the latter of whom was wearing American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, continued the gift-giving tradition when the incoming first lady handed a large Tiffany's blue box to Michelle Obama.

The four then posed for the cameras and their greeting could be heard on the TV news channels, which went silent.

"President-elect, it's nice to see you. Congratulations," Obama told Trump as they shook hands. As he greeted Melania Trump, he said, "So nice to see you, how are you?” 

Melania Trump initially went to shake Michelle Obama's hand, but the first lady gave her a hug instead.

After they all greeted each other, Obama said, "We have to get the official photo." Adding, "Donald, you'll get used to the photocall."

Obama then went inside to hand off the gift and when he reappeared, he told Trump, "I'm always on the left." The four then smiled and waved for the cameras.

The exchange marks the peaceful transfer of power that President Obama has preached since Trump's election. The families will have coffee and tea and then take the traditional limo ride together to inauguration.

Ahead of the Trumps' arrival, reporters asked President Obama if he had any parting words for the American people. "Thank you," he said with a smile and wave.

Watch the historic moment below.