'The Inbetweeners' Opens to Record $32.9 Million in U.K.

"The Inbetweeners" TV series

The TV show-turned-movie scores the best first week ever for a live-action comedy, outperforming "The Hangover Part II" in the same timeframe.

LONDON – The big-screen version of British cult comedy television hit The Inbetweeners recorded the No. 1 opening week of all-time for a live-action comedy.

Released by Entertainment Film Distributors, the Film4-backed project broke the record for biggest live-action comedy chortling its way to £20.2 million ($32.9 million) in its opening week on release here.

That makes it a richer joke than the previous record, held by The Hangover Part II with £17.2 ($28 million) which laughed ahead of Hancock which scored £13 million ($21.2 million).

The performance by the bawdy comedy about four hapless teenage boy school leavers who go on holiday together really is chalking up industry jaw-dropping results.

Still on release, its current box office tally stands at £27.7 million ($45.2 million) according to Entertainment.
Other titles in the top 10 live-action comedies being put in their comedy corner include Meet the Fockers with £10.9 million ($17.8 million) and this year’s previous title holder Bridesmaids with £5.9 million ($9.6 million).
It already hit the headlines here after posting north of £13 million ($21 million) from 453 sites from its opening.

That opening was the second-biggest U.K. after the wizardry of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 which took £23.7 million ($39 million).